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 Does it really work that way?

Process Flow Diagram

Inputs & Outputs of HTC of Plastic Waste

UTHT All Electrical ES Intro

UTHT Energy Systems

HV BMS PCB Prototype

High Voltage Battery Module

Machine Learning Based Computational Protein Design

CSCHE - Computational Protein Design

UnERD - Computational Protein Design

These 2 presentations were made for the same topic: To present on my summer research and the machine learning models that I made. However the 2 of them are slightly different and are designed for different time scales and different audiences. The left video was made for people who have a chemical/bio engineering background while the right video was for an audience who had a software/computer engineering background. Both of the videos saught to explain my methodology and reasoning for my research, and how it can benefit the viewer with their work. Maybe this applies more so to the latter group, but I think that I did a pretty good job overall.

Ammonia is an important feedstock chemical and is important to modern food supply chains as it is a key part of fertilizers. Designed a liquid ammonia production plant. This project aimed to combine and utilize concepts from:

The result is a liquid ammonia production plant design that was optimized across a variety of factors. In this project, you can walk through my iterative design process and how the plant was designed from the ground up to produce process specifications meeting modern ASME requirements. Check out the project page to learn more about my design!

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